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Our production’s job is to help artists build their portfolio. While it's hard to find friendly prices for the struggling artist budget, we inthevalley took it upon ourselves to provide quality services and content to push the music community & scene online lower than the standard cost.

Cost of Production $150


  • ​Live streamed through:

    •  ITV's social platforms​ (except Instagram)

    •  & Artists Optional Platforms (except Instagram)

  • Recorded Performance​​​

    • 6-8 Camera Set-up​

    • Quality Equipment

    • Lighting

    • Studio Space Provided

    • Along with a 8-10 man production crew


After filming 

  • 45min interview mastered, during ITV scheduled release date.
  • 5 live music videos mastered, during ITV scheduled release date.
  • 5 mix & mastered songs mastered, during ITV scheduled release date.

Optional Packages

The “Pre-release Package” are separate options we offer to purchase content before our scheduled release, so the artists wouldn't have to wait, and can use content to personally advertise their brand.

Pre-Release Purchase: $200

  • Full 45 min. interview

  • 5-mix & mastered songs

  • 5-live music videos

  • 5-portfolio photos

For "Private Services" please contact us via email to go over our rates & services. We appreciate the support you convey towards the project, and hope to record your session.

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